We offer a range of digital services that push the boundaries of innovation in design and development across a unique feature set. Bringing together high definition photography and high resolution virtual tours into engaging web experiences we are at the forefront in our field and unique in our sector.

Tangent360 is a truly customer driven organisation and services such as our Branded Remote Hosting and Client Portal were developed through customer feedback and our determination to provide the best services in our field.

All of our services are executed with a strict attention to detail which means we can offer you the best quality work to promote your business, its products and services.

Our Services To You

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Virtual Tours - The Tangent Framework

Fully Roaming Immersive Experiences

One of our core products, virtual tours can take your product and immerse your potential customers within it. Tangent360 panoramas and virtual tours offer unrivalled detail and resolution that shows your product at its best. We offer various resolutions starting at High Resolution and going up to Gigapixel; we will advise on the most suitable resolution for your product/environment and the purpose of the virtual tour.

The Tangent Framework is our unique interface that brings these high resolution panoramas and unique special features together. The framework has been developed to be robust, easy to use and fully cross-browser compatible ensuring that ALL your customers can view and operate the controls with ease.

Our framework is based on the Flash® plugin from Adobe® which is the worlds most pervasive software platform reaching 99% of internet enabled computers and devices across mature markets¹.

Our high resolution virtual tours are not much use if they are delivered slowly or if there is a long wait before the interactivity begins. We have overcome this problem by tackling the issue at both ends of the journey.
At the server end we host the tour on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which replicates the data to a huge array of servers across the world. This means that the tour is always delivered to the user from a local server regardless of where they are on the planet.
At the client end (the users computer) our framework only downloads the parts of the panorama that the user is viewing which minimises any delay at the beginning of the tour. This is called "piecewise" loading and it allows us to offer the huge resolution virtual tours we are famous for with no extra waiting around for the end user.

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Special Features

Special Feature Toolkit

So what's so special about our features?

What makes our virtual tour features so special is their benefit to your product, your customers, your bottom line. Out of the box our virtual tours offer a door into your product that is unique and unrivalled but we take this offering a leap forward by creating tools and widgets that are tailored to your product.

The visitors to your virtual tour will be immersed in your product, now that you have their attention, use it. Our special features can provide sales info, contact info, product info, directions, advice, historical info, floor plans, aerial maps, product options and more and more. And then more.

Now imagine this information presented inside the virtual tour wrapped in a fun, exciting and engaging interface such as menus, price lists, signage or paintings jumping off the wall or table and filling the view. Any number of these widgets can be incorporated into a tour and the best bit, they are context relevant. Click on a bed or a chair in a furniture showroom tour and you can present the user with a catalogue style view including descriptions, dimensions, pricing and more. Once they have taken in this information and they close the widget, there is the product in situ, the visitor now becomes a customer.

Get in touch today and discuss your product with our creative thinkers. Let us help you break the mould in your sector.

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Web Development & Integration

15 Years of Web Wizardry

At Tangent360 our skills go far beyond our photography and virtual tour expertise, we are web design and development experts. With over 15 years design and coding experience we thrive on web projects, each time pushing the boundaries in technical output, customer expectation and quality workmanship.

From creating a single web page for your virtual tour to creating a completely new site you can be sure that the work will be executed to our usual high ("Pixel Perfectionist") standards. Working to strict best practices we deliver powerful, web standards compliant and cross browser compatible coding which improves the perception of your product and your business.

Branded Remote HostingBack to top

Branded Remote Hosting Rackspace Cloud

Simple Integration For All

Most business websites today are maintained and controlled by a third party, usually a web design or marketing company, leaving control in the hands of the expensive experts. Almost all e-commerce websites will be controlled by an admin interface allowing company staff the ability to maintain the site, add new products etc. In recent years the trend for a lot of web design companies was to offer content management systems (CMS) to their customers which put more control of the web site administration and content management in the hands of the website owner.

All the above scenarios have their benefits but they all share one failing, advanced development of your website such as the integration of high quality, Flash based, XML driven virtual tours is either expensive, beyond the skills of a "web editor" or just impossible.

At Tangent360 we have solved this problem. Our Branded Remote Hosting service can give you the ability to add our virtual tours to your e-commerce or CMS driven site by simply creating a link. We take care of the rest. We will create your virtual tour and theme the interface to your website colour scheme and design then create the tour web page to match your site perfectly. This provides a truly branded service that integrates seamlessly and can be duplicated with ease so you can offer multiple tours such as property pages for estate agents.

Why not take your branded virtual tour pages a step further and include extra web content such as product information, photo galleries, video feeds and more. Our Client Portal allows you to configure all this through a powerful yet easy to use interface behind a secure login that you control.

And of course, our servers are designed and configured to provide the ultimate media delivery. Using the biggest and best Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Rackspace the global leaders in hosting platforms we can guarantee that your virtual tours and other media will be delivered at the fastest possible speeds, wherever your customers are on the globe.

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Client Portal

Keeping It Fresh!

Our virtual tours, special features and branded remote hosting combine to make a formidable interactive interface with a multitude of applications. Underpinning this is the client portal which gives our clients full control over many aspects of their panoramic or virtual tour product.

All of our clients get access to the client portal and from a single web based interface they can control such things as the wording and pictures displayed in info panels, product prices and option lists, page content, welcome messages, special offers and much more.

For our branded remote hosting customers the client portal becomes a powerful content management system that controls all aspects of their remote pages, the virtual tours, images and other information.

Our client portal extends the life of your virtual tours allowing the content to stay up date and fresh thus encouraging visitors to return in the future.

Panoramic Imagery / Wall ArtBack to top

Panoramic Imagery Printing by Loxley Colour

Striking Wall Art

Tangent360 are proud to offer stunning panoramic art prints based on our growing portfolio of static panoramic imagery. These amazing images can be printed on a wide range of media from poster prints to MDF block mounting to luxury canvas wrap in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Bespoke commissions can also be arranged to capture an image that is unique to you or your business that will have the presence and impact to impress your customers and become a talking point.

As with all of our services you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that our panoramic photography will be of the highest quality. Our shooting techniques produce such high resolution images that we could output them to monster sizes up to 10 meters long; do you have a wall big enough?

Our attention to detail does not stop at the photographic stage, we are proud to offer the best quality printing and mounting services on the market from award winning photographic print bureau Loxely Colour. Simply put these guys are the best in the business and are pushing the boundaries in their field to stay at the top. Sound familiar? That's why we use them.

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