We can provide high quality panoramic imagery and virtual tours to any sector or industry, from houses for sale to hotel bedrooms to designer kitchens. Whether your product is large open spaces such as zoos and theme parks or smaller spaces such as showrooms and shop floors, using our panoramic service will bring your product to life on the web.

We can also add special features to your tours that ideally suit your business such as slide out maps that allow the user to jump to location by clicking an icon on a Google Map™ or a floor plan. A virtual tour of a hotel can contain interactive signage so that users can click them and move either view information or move to a new panorama at that destination.

Stay ahead of the competition and add that extra wow factor to your business or product website, get in touch today and let us discuss your requirements. Stand out in your sector!


Estate Agents / RealtorsBack to top

Estate Agents / Real Estate

Start the Sales Process in Style

Property sales is one of the sectors where virtual tours can have the biggest impact. Unfortunately in the UK online property and estate agent websites only offer a series of poorly shot photographs of the property and virtual tours are very rare.

This is in contrast to the US where most quality real estate companies will be using virtual tours in one form or another on all their properties.

You may say that there is no substitute for potential buyers taking a proper physical walk around a property guided by an estate agent; and that no buyer is going to actually commit to the purchase without seeing the property in person. This is very true but where our virtual tours can help is in getting those potential buyers to make that all important phone call to arrange a viewing, the first step in the sales process.

Most estate agents will already have a website with property pages usually containing photographs along with the facts and statistics about each property. They may not want to or have the ability to add a new section to the property page for the virtual tour; this is where our Branded Remote Hosting comes in, allowing the estate agent to deploy virtual tours on their property pages by simply adding a link, we will do the rest.

Restaurants & BarsBack to top

Restaurants & Bars

Create Anticipation at the Booking Stage

The hospitality sector relies on providing a great atmosphere, a warm and welcoming environment and excellent service. Virtual tours allow your customers to see and experience this environment at the most important time - when they are making a booking.

From planning a romantic candle lit dinner for two to a organising a large group booking, a party or a function, put your establishment at the top of their list. Booking time is when you need the edge over your competitors and a virtual tour will help your customers choose your business by taking some of the guesswork out of their decision.

We can offer special features in our tours for restaurants & bars such interactive menus and wine lists; during the tour the user can click on a menu on the wall or on a table and that menu can zoom out to fill the screen. Couple this with our client interface and you can provide an up to date menu with live pricing if required. You can even update the Chefs Specials or the Soup of the Day!

HotelsBack to top


Next Generation Navigation

There is no better way to display the sheer scale and the vast array of facilities that a hotel offers than with a fully interactive virtual tour.

Investment in the hotel, its facilities, decor and finish can be vast; let your customers see and experience this inward investment rather than reading a bullet list and viewing a few pictures. The very nature of a hotel means that the majority of your clientele will be travelling from out of town and further afield and choosing a hotel in the first place is often driven by location, price and facilities. From business travellers looking for short stays to families on their summer holidays they each need to check out the hotel features and facilities to see if it suits them.

Our virtual tours can go beyond a 2D map or a floor plan and take navigation to the next level. The tour can be created for kiosk installation located within the hotel that allow guests to select their destination and a guided virtual tour can display the route as it will be seen. Next generation thinking.

Retail / ShowroomsBack to top

Retail / Showrooms

Retail Planning & Tactics in Your Virtual Showroom

A retail showroom should be a well thought out and polished environment. Product displays should be created carefully to catch the users eye and promote that feel good factor that encourages a purchase. The layout of the showroom should feel fluid whilst guiding the customer past special promotional displays which should stimulate impulse purchases. More often the star product range, best seller or main area of interest will be positioned near the back.

We understand this thinking. We acknowledge the time and effort put into the design and setup of your showroom and sales areas and we can capture all this in our virtual tours. The same rules apply.

Our virtual tours can be setup to guide a customer through your showroom, stopping at your key displays and highlighting promotional offers just the way you planned it.

We can take your custom displays and bring them to life right inside the virtual tour. Imagine a kitchen showroom virtual tour that allows you to click on a bathroom suite and instantly a product gallery, options and price list springs into view offering immediate calls to action including contact forms and call me back requests.

Now imagine this powerful and promotional virtual tour powered by our Client Portal which allows you to keep the information fresh, update your price listings and post important special offers.

Corporate / Office SpaceBack to top

Corporate / Office Space

Taking Away The Guesswork

Competition for premium office space is high; businesses are always looking for the best deal and commercial real estate agents need to hook their customers from the outset.

A virtual tour from Tangent360 will allow your potential business customers to study the space in detail before making a visit. This can be critical in a market where it will be the customers management team or staff are often doing the groundwork, preparing the data on a list of possible locations before presenting this to the directors or board members.

Let your site help them achieve this through a bespoke virtual tour from Tangent 360. Let the decision makers walk through the space, getting a feel for the size and potential. We can overlay room dimensions directly onto the panorama which means a simple statistic on a page can be illustrated rather than imagined.

Special features can then be added to display key statistics on a room including, pricing, sizes and volumes, electrical and network maps, blueprints and environmental data - all live within the tour.

Take away the guesswork. Let the decision makers make the right the decision!

Outdoor AttractionsBack to top


Bringing 2D Maps to Life

Outdoor attractions such as zoos, theme parks, funfairs, safari parks etc. are large scale in nature and usually have a tour guide or park map already created to assist with navigation. We can bring these maps to life on the website or via kiosks throughout the attraction and offer a full 360° immersive tour rather than a 2D map.

Showing off your attraction through a virtual tour builds excitement and the whole family can get involved, spending a longer time on the attractions website, exploring all the areas, making a plan or itinerary. If the viewer has visited the attraction before they will be reminded of the places and exhibits they have seen, evoking good memories.

Adding special features to the tour such as photo galleries for key exhibits or integrating a 2D map for quick navigation to specific panoramas will provide important information in a fun and engaging way. For larger attractions such as zoos and large theme parks we can even add a Google Map™ with embedded hotspots.

Holiday Homes / VillasBack to top

Holiday Homes

Sell Up Your Facilities and Location

The holiday home rental market is huge and very competitive with owners wanting to get fully booked as early in the season as possible. The key selling points in this market are the location, the quality of the home, its sleeping capacity, facilities and accessibility. A virtual tour from Tangent360 can illustrate all of these features in one exciting and engaging interface.

There are dedicated websites that cater for these rental markets and they usually offer a good feature set including photo galleries, feature lists, availability calendars and local amenities information. Some have started to offer the ability to link to external virtual tours which play in a popup window. Tangent360 can take this to another level through our Branded Remote Hosting and Client Portal which allows us to shoot, create and host your tour and simply link to it from any page on the web without the need to worry about special coding, servers, compatibility etc.

In a competitive market, you need to stay ahead of the competition, deploying a virtual tour moves you ahead, using a Tangent360 tour puts you out in front.

Indoor Leisure OutletsBack to top

Leisure Outlets

Let Everyone Know, Invite Them In

The indoor leisure sector which includes sports arenas, fitness centres, bowling alleys, multiplex cinemas, amusement centres to name but a few can directly benefit from deploying virtual tours on their websites.

Taking fitness centres as an example, they need to drive customers to sign up for memeberships; to do this their website's need to inform the customer about the facilities they offer. Potential customers want to get a feel for the environment where they will be spending their precious spare time.

This is were virtual tours excel. Let your potential customers have a wander around, let them see the welcoming atmosphere, the first class facilities on offer, get an understanding of how to get around, where things are located.

Most indoor leisure outlets have invested a lot of money to make their business stand out above the competition. Let everyone know. Invite them in.

Visualisations / CAD OutputBack to top

Visualisations / CAD Output

Interactivity, an Extra Dimension

3D visualisations are widely used in such sectors as architecture, construction and planning. Usually an architects designs will be transformed into high resolution photographic stills using 3D rendering software such as 3D Max or Lightwave. Walkthrough movies are also created within these software suites allowing users to watch a guided tour of the visualisation.

Tangent360 can add an extra dimension to the experience, interactivity.

We can take sets of stills from the 3D visualisation and convert them into high resolution panoramas allowing viewers to take full control of the journey through the 3D rendered space. We can then add special features just like with a photographed virtual tour and create fully featured navigation and information systems.

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