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What's it all about?

Well, it's all about sales.

Today's online shoppers are intelligent but impatient beasts, their attention span is often limited. Businesses need to captivate visitors to their site, immerse them in the product, and provide a truly memorable experience. Gone are the days when a single low quality image that is poorly photographed and badly deployed is enough to satisfy shoppers. Internet users are expecting more from the web shopping experience; they want to be engaged and learn as much about the product as possible before deciding to make a purchase.

Tangent360 creates this environment through truly immersive web experiences. Your product instantly becomes memorable because the potential customer is virtually stood within it. They can explore the full 360° environment and take full control of what they look at and where they go. Almost instantly they are engaged, enthralled, hooked.

Who are we?

Pixel perfectionists

Tangent360 are an organisation of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals with meticulous attention to detail. We strive to offer the best quality panoramas, virtual tours and static panoramic photography possible and have been dubbed "Pixel Perfectionists" in the industry.

We are based in Liverpool and ideally placed for national coverage allowing us to perform full photo shoots in one day regardless of your location. Working across a large number of business sectors we are happy working within a showroom or on a nature trail, a car interior or a football stadium.

Most importantly, we are enthusiastic about our work, relishing the opportunity to work in new areas, making cutting edge virtual tours with special features that make products shine.

Why choose us?

Put simply we offer THE best quality 360° virtual tours, period.

We always strive for perfection at every stage in the process (see right) to produce excellent results throughout. All our panos are high definition as standard; our lowest resolution panos are more detailed than our competitions highest resolution work. Quality counts. Your product deserves it.

Why should you compromise? You would not want your glossy brochures and catalogues printed on newsprint! As mentioned earlier, your online client base expect high definition imagery, HD is everywhere, give them what they want.

We don't claim to be expert photographers or expert developers. We are both.

Our photography expertise is extensive and we know the tricks of the trade regarding panoramic photography to ensure quality results. We have invested in our equipment to allow us to capture high quality results with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Experts / Enthusiasts

Our development expertise is equally as extensive grounded in a long standing knowledge of web based application and Flash development. We drew on this knowledge when developing the Tangent Framework, a powerful and unique experience driven interface.

We care about your product. From designer furniture to restaurants to theme parks; we have the enthusiasm and skill to offer cutting edge, powerful features that suit your products perfectly and give your company the edge in the marketplace.

Get in touch today and let us open the doors to your customers. Invite them in, let them have a look around.

How it works: the process

How it works - Consultation

1. Consultation

The process starts with a meeting to discuss the requirements for the panorama/virtual tour including any optional features. Ideally this meeting could be conducted at the location of the tour or a secondary meeting can be arranged to view the site. We will provide a competitive quotation for the project for your approval.

How it works - Photo Shoot

2. Photo Shoot

After arranging a convenient date we will visit the location(s) to conduct the photo shoot. We will photograph the location precisely, efficiently and to our very high standards. We always endeavour to minimise the time on-site but we feel that quality is paramount and occasionally we will re-shoot a location (at our cost) to ensure we achieve the desired results.

How it works - Post Production

3.Post Production

The photos will be processed as required including sharpening, colour correction and HDR processing where required before stitching them into the full 360° panoramic image. This image is then brought into our Flash Panoramic Software and our unique user interface, hotspots and other options are then programmed before outputting the finished panorama/virtual tour.

How it works - Deployment

4. Deployment

The final stage is where we package up the panorama/virtual tour for deployment. At this stage there are a number of options; we can setup Branded Remote Hosting, integrate it directly with your existing website or as part of a new website design or just package the files onto removable media to allow you or your web developers to deploy independently.

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